Monday, 21 June 2010

WP Mr McDowell . . .

Pokers not been so clever dropping approx $200 since the last post partially drunk partially sober. However I had a bit of good fortune when I read a BBC Sport golf editors blog and he put up Tim Clark and Graeme McDowell for the US Open. Not large bets but £2 on Betfair @ 76/1 and £1 ew on WillHill @ 66/1. Nobody can accuse me of being the last of the big spenders but nevertheless a nice lil profit though I was knackered at work having stayed up til 2am to watch him see it out.

Not going to mention England's performance in the World Cup as it's been done to death everywhere and a decent result Wednesday will calm things down for a bit and if not . . . . . .

However having backed Chile for a few quid more than what I had on Mr McDowell they look like they should get through but will then have to face either Brazil or Portugal so there is a long long way to go yet and having watched todays game against Switzerland they are going to have to use their heads a bit more if they are going to progress.

Anyways that's enough from me and I hope your all having a decent time.


Joke -

Paddy says to Mick "I'm being operated on tomorrow".
Mick replies "Oh. What are they going to do?"
Paddy says "Circumcise me!"
Mick says "I had that done when I was a few days old."
Paddy asks "Does it hurt?"
Mick replies "I couldn't walk for a year!!"

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