Friday, 13 February 2009

Another little un.....

3rd small MTT win of the year and its the 3rd £2 MTT that started at 8pm. This is the time I start playing most nights as my Son goes to bed at 8pm. Still not had a fag but have got a chest infection so even if I was still smoking I wouldn't want one anyways. I have coughed that much my chest feels like its been kicked by a horse and the cough medicine mixed with the cough sweets has given me the wind something terrible/terrific (Depending on whether you are the Wife or me). One problem though with having terrible wind and a chest infection is that it has to be said, occasionally, you are hoping that that last one was just wind with nothing thrown out as well. Hope you are also having some luck on the virtual or real felt..


Joke -

Bought myself a new deodorant today. Instructions said "Take off top and push up bottom" Still in casualty at the moment but my farts smell nice.


Wildcat said...

Machine ;)

When is the book coming out btw, could do with some tips ;)

Joppa Road said...

wpwp sir.

Gavin said...

Cheers both. The written book is already out Nick but I am doing one purely with pictures just for you :)

pokershow said...

try some dry liquorice for chest and throat.Availablke from most asian groceries-it works really good for me.
Congrats on mtt wins.I took down 2 this week.I am sure youre feeling over the moon;I sure am.