Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Losing again....but this time its a snowball fight...

On nights this week so it could be viewed as a slight ball ache when you get a text from your lads school asking you to pick him up at 1.30 because of the snow and then close the school for the following day. However due to the fact that there is nothing I can do about it and can grab a couple of hours sleep at work anyway my lad and I made the most of the snow yesterday. It started by trying to build a snowman but after shovelling the snow into a pile in the front garden it was just a 3 ft pile and he had already buggered off to throw snowballs with a couple of other kids that live on our grove. Then one of the little gits threw one at me and it then went a bit mad for an hour. The other kids said it should be them vs me and Cam who, not as quietly as he would have liked, whispered that he would pretend to be on my side but help them get me???(so much for family fookin loyalty lol).
So at this point it was 3 v 1 and they had it well organised with making loads of snowballs and storing them but I had my nice fresh 3 ft pile of crappy snowman. Then another lad turned up and joined them. Now in my day if you wanted a game you would ask which side to go on but he just smacked me with a snowball to the side of the head and it appears the decision was made.
However I had my fun too with them being so busy yapping about what their game plan was they didn't notice me creeping (40 year old commando style) to pelt the crap out of them and get some self respect back.
After an hour I made my excuses regarding running a bath and doing the tea and left them to it.
I felt like a kid again at the time but now feel about 50 as I am aching from the umpteen snowballs I took, the half dozen muppety fall overs and aforementioned commando tactics.
Working again tonight and he has just asked if we can do snowballs and sledging again today. F'in marvellous but might as well make the most of it as this is the most snow we've had since I was a kid.

Good luck all


Joke -

Bloke holds a party where each guest has to come dressed as an emotion. 1st guest arrives painted green with "n" and "v" across his chest "I'm green with envy" he says. A woman arrives in a pink body stocking with feathers around her bits. "I'm tickled pink!". Next 2 guests are Irish , one with his dick in a bowl of custard and the other with his nob stuck in a pear. The host is shocked and asks what they have come as. "Well oim fuckin discustard and Mick has come in dispair!!"

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