Sunday, 1 February 2009

Month End....

Oh well. Posting my footie bet did not bring any change in fortune and once again £20 was turned into scrap paper in 90 minutes.
Overall the poker ended +£140 for the month as, even though I had a few slurps yesterday, I had the sense to drink squash when I got back so still had a slightly winning night.

I need to set myself up with some reminders for when the shit hits the fan, which we all know it will.
I only come up against a couple of fellow bloggers occasionally so it can’t do me too much harm. (I hope)

1) Don’t stick to the 3 x blind raise in the small stakes MTT’s. You can go 10 or more x bb in the early stages and still get a caller or 2 so stop pissing about.
2) Don’t panic if you don’t get the hands you want to play. Be patient and they will come eventually and when they do just get the chips in (see point 1).
3) If you get a decent hand in the first couple of rounds of an MTT people are more likely to call through each street so just get aggressive as people want to double up early and don’t mind taking unnecessary risks.
4) When you get to a FT get aggressive as people seem to be looking to ladder and are less inclined to bet (beware of the other aggressive types though unless you have a hand).

gl all


3 men who were captured by savages were told their cocks would be removed in a manner appropriate to their job! 1st man was a lumberjack so his would be chopped off. 2nd man was a butcher so his was to be sliced off. 3rd man started laughing. When the captors asked why he replied "I work in a lollipop factory!!"

Keep smiling


Wildcat said...

Best of luck for Feb, btw where do you get these jokes from? It's not Sickipedia is is?

Gavin said...

Had never even heard of sickipedia so googled it to checked. Cheers bud. Wish you luck too mate

Yorkshire Pud said...

Nice to get the year off to a winning way.

I hardly play MTT's but that advice you gave definitely runs true, especially point one! I have lost count the number of times you raise 3xBB with AA and the entoire fucking table calls you!

pokershow said...

point 1 and 2,definetly something I am considering.