Friday, 30 January 2009

Weekend footie bet......

Thought I would post this weeks footie bet in the hope it brings me luck. Have not been too brilliant so far this season so will try anything so follow me at your peril.
I have done these on the WillHill half time and full time slips and with 6 folds and 7 folds on each slip stand to win a few bob if it comes in.
There has been no massive research into why these results should happen other than looking at the back of the slip at the leagues while munching my bacon, sos and mushroom sarnie.

Stoke v Man City
Hull v West Brom
Southampton v Swansea - Draw
Wolves v Watford
Cheltenham v MK Dons
Oldham v Swindon
Wycombe v Accrington

Have turned things around for January from a low of -£150 to currently being + £110 and providing I don't throw too much away in drunken Saturday evening play (I give up saying I won't play as I already know I will) then I will be quite happy.

GL all


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