Thursday, 15 January 2009

Good news (family)……and bad (getting royally fucked poker wise)..

Didn’t think things would move so quickly but the administrators found a buyer for the Wife’s company so she is now being paid again.
Not sure atm about the week she was owed but would not think that is the new owners responsibility but we will see. She is happy as Larry whoever the fook he is. Thanks for the comments regarding this.

On the poker front I am having no joy and may need the administrators myself within a month as I am now a fair few quid down for the month and have a £200 roll, so will have to stick to the £2 and £5 MTT’s until I grind a few quid (if I manage to).
I don’t think I’ve turned into a bad player over the past 3 months but it makes you think.
I still love the game so will not be giving up any time soon and tbh think I am playing quite well but the coin flips have been 20 tails when I have been on heads (even when I hit the flop against the odds a fookin flush comes for the enemy).
I think an area that I have to improve though is bluffing. I’m just not doing it and this is a massive leak.

Was going to have a pop at the virtual dealers at the site I use as they take the piss dealing the flop and turn at normal pace and then seem to spend fucking ages sorting through the virtual pack to find the river that suits the opposition. (You even get the chance to type in the river that you know is going to fall before it does in the chat box lol) WTF is that all about.

An example is my QQ all in against AK
Flop 7,3,4 turn 2 river …………………….5 (Why can’t it just flop a fucking A or K and fuck me off without the hope.

As I said I was going to have a pop and put up a picture of a monkey called “shitfuckbastard” to represent said dealer but I could just imagine being sued for libel by one of the virtual donuts and ending up in court opposite a laptop with a voice like Stephen Hawking saying “He upset and defamed me on one of his posts and I have been off with stress and anxiety for 6 months. I was not searching the virtual pack for any particular card but had stopped to concentrate as the player to my left was just finishing me off….” .. Funny how the fucker on his left sucked out on me too.

TBH am getting a bit concerned about my roll now and need to get a win soon.
Tempted to put a few bob on the cartoon racing but my fucking nag would probably fall (has that ever happened in a race at Fuckwit Fields??).

On a positive note UKGatsby’s on fire so I just need to rub him somewhere to transfer his good play to me. (No suggestions thanks and especially not from you Gats). I'd also like to thank Helraiser for some stuff he has sent me which should improve my game.

Good luck all

Joke -

In recent times its been suggested that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away but since all the doctors are now Muslim I find bacon works better!


havin_a_laff said...

LOL! I know the feeling - the virtual dealers wind me right up. Honestly I sometimes wonder if he throws a few good cards to the worst players to keep them in the game - especially on Full Tilt.

Good start to the new year for your missus though!

poker outings for a confused mind said...

thanks for hitting me up with the linkage. gl to you sir!

Ukgatsby said...

It will get better mate.

88% Determination said...

Hi there. I've been keeping a blog for a few months now. Havent linked it up at all. Think its about time i came out lol

So just wondered if you wanted to link up or whatever. Sorry have not much idea what im doing :)

Gavin said...

Already linked mate :)