Tuesday, 20 January 2009

1st win of 2009.... Relief

Okay so its a small one. Bit of a relief tbh. My WillHill account had gone down to £50ish and I was getting tad nervous though still got $200+ in Full tilt. This is a confidence booster and gives me a good go at the MTT's so gg wp me lol.

WTF do you have to do to take your cash out of Full Tilt. I want to deposit on Titan as they have a good deal I read about. I deposited with no issue but have now registered with Neteller only to find I now need to make a deposit to withdraw. They also needed my Mom's Nans 3rd dogs DNA to prove who I am ffs.

Anyways this is a short and mainly positive post.

GL all....Gav

Joke:- Specially for Joppa..

A couple want to have anal sex but the woman decides to play it safe and seek medical advice first. "Anal sex is perfectly safe" says her Doctor "as long as u take it slow at first, use lots of lubricants and u take care not to get pregnant." Can u get pregnant from anal sex?" the woman asks in horror. "Certainly" replies the Doc " Where do you think Villa fans come from?"


JoppaRoad said...

wp maestro. I long to get back on Hills but am doing ok with Laddies at the moment.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Congrats on the win. I think there will be a lot of disappointed people when Crypto finally closes its door this year.

Gavin said...

Tx. I wil be disappointed as I enjoy playing on WillHill but am hoping to join Titan (who I believe are in ipoker) once I have sorted the withdrawal from FullTilt as it will give me a headstart when WillHill moves over (at least I hope it will) :)

Wildcat said...

Wp! Hope it will be the first of many! I'd struggle to win a hu stt with the other player disco'd at the moment ;)

Hopefully your sports betting balance will go up in a few months ;)

Gavin said...

Cheers Wild. I felt like that but have a bit more confidence now. It will turn around for you. Noticed Chalfont are 5/1 now :)
Have they got anyone decent in the nxt round?

Wildcat said...

Well, we are at home to Christchurch (round 5)in a fortnight. Sadly our top striker will be missing (5 bookings) and one of our best midfielders suffered a dislocation + break on his ankle today :( We won 3-2 at the leaders today, played some sparkling football, but playing our most important game for years without both will be very tough. Hopefully we can still get through, we are now favourites after the holders lost in a replay...with a first choice team I can't honestly see anyone beating them, but time will tell.... if it was possible to lay off now I definitely would, but no market on betfair sadly :(

Gavin said...

Cheers for that mate.
Was going to ask who else we could back but I can never back against myself. (2 horses in same race scenario). :)