Sunday, 25 January 2009

Not running bad atm……

Should have had my second small win of the year but managed to lose a 1/25 chip lead lmfao. (What a fuckin twat!!!)
I was a tad drunk which assisted in me getting to the FT in the first place and got them in aggressively to get heads up but went all in twice which got him to 40k against my 200k and could not win a race against a horse with calipers and athletes foot. Shit way to finish but still got £75 for my £2 but was looking forward to posting a 2nd win for the month/year.

Not complaining though as my WillHill has gone from a low approaching £50 to £250 as it stands and I might be able to play the £5 MTTs in a bit
Also managed to get a top 3 place in a 1800 FTP STT for a $26 token so now need to find a MTT 2moro with 200ish players which seems to be my forte.

GL all

Joke –

Paddy has broken his leg and his mate Mick goes round
to see him. Mick says 'how you doin?' Paddy says do
us a favour, nip upstairs and get me slippers, me feet
are freezing.'Mick goes upstairs and sees Paddy's gorgeous
19-year-old twin daughters sitting on the bed ..
He says 'your dad's sent me up here to shag the both of you!
They say 'get away with ya.. prove it.'

Mick shouts downstairs 'Paddy, both of em?'

Paddy shouts back 'of course both of em,
what's the point of fuckin one?'

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