Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Holding my own.......

At poker.....

I go through different variations of NL like anything at the moment.
I have played MTT's for most of my poker life but due to time restraints changed to DYM's but found that I was not winning a high enough % to make it worthwhile.
I then tried STT and went from Superhot - Supertilt - Supertit to almost Supertramp as it almost killed me off.

I am now mainly playing cash at 10c/25c and have got it back to $250 on Full Tilt.
I think I have going to stick with this until I either get to a roll that I can go up to 25c/50c or just bumble on at the same level. (How much does my roll need to be to play at that level??) I am possibly already playing over roll but don't really want to go any lower.

Will probably stick to this and use my WillHill balance for the MTT's and see how I get on.

£40ish up for the month so far is a better feeling than being down and something to build on.
The cat has even started venturing back into the living room so it must sense my peace from within (either that or its that fookin cold that it thinks "Fook it I'll take my chances, It's warmer than the shed!!).

Anyways a quick questions for the likes of UKGatsby, CalloftheWildcat, Helraisier and any other small stakes personage.
Do you fella's invest in poker training/ poker tracking tools??
I appreciate that if you are going to take the game seriously then it may be invaluable but is it really necessary for the level at which I play?

I read the odd book and subscribe to a couple of mags, Poker Player and Inside Poker as these seem useful and have decent freerolls.

On a different note I have just finished watching the final season of The Wire. If you have not seen it or heard of it you can get a Wikipedia overview here but it has to be one of the best tv series of all time imo.
If you decide to download it give it a couple of episodes to get into it as it is a slow burner.

Cheers all


Joke -

2 Irish couples decide to swap partners for the evening. After 3 hours of fantastic sex Paddy says "I wonder how the girls are getting on?".


Helraiser said...

Hi Gav
I dont use poker tracker, which is one of the best programs, but generally make notes on players. There are several programs out there that will store players history- one of which i will send to you:)In the past i used to use poker spy, which i thought was very good. Hope this helps.

Gavin said...

Thanks mate,

All assistance appreciated :)

havin_a_laff said...

Hi - I use Pokertracker. Wouldnt want to play without a HUD now. once you understand how to interpret the stats it really helps to get a handle on your opponents hand ranges. Also a member of stoxpoker which has been worth every penny. One video series alone has totally transformed my game from pure crap to pure mince.

The have a promo where you can get can get a free membership by playing on Full Tilt. Worth
checking out.

Wildcat said...

Hi mate :) Glad to see you are back in the black, like me, hopefully it stays that way!

Bit like Helraiser, I don't use any programs, I tried a couple before (I think one or two was calculatem /poker indicator (?) or something, and on several occasions I was told I'm 75% or something stupid to win the hand when it was blatantly obvious I was behind! So I binned them, and results improved ;) At those levels, simply making notes will put you ahead of the vast majority of players ;) Dyms are amazingly boring, but profitable I guess, although having said that I have lost my last 3 for the first time in ages ;)My roi on them usually hovers around the 17-18% mark on crypto, and the majority of players seem to be down!

Good luck.

PS, footy tip on line now, quietly confident with it, got my 50p on ;)

Ukgatsby said...

Not Used Programs, Mags, Books,etc
Never figured it would be much good for the games and stakes i played.

Played the same games long enough to recognise who at table is loony, rocky, pissed, nutjob, multitabler, etc.

Plus you just adjust to table, If everyone mental you just rock up, If everyone else tight then well timed agression etc.

Each to their own i guess

parttimebonuschaser said...

I'd never play cash games without pokertracker and a HUD or equivalent.

On sites that don't allow it I do make notes, but I find the stats alone on the HUD are far better.

They help you to both find the fish, and exploit other players' weaknesses

Anonymous said...

If you're playing MTTs & SNGs then I don't see there being a great need for tracking software. You might find SNG Wizard useful (for SNGs unsurprisingly!) if you do some research (2+2 forum et al you'll be able to find why it's so handy). It's not an in game thing, but a post game review tool (you can check it out on a free trial for 30 days I believe). It's used widely in Colin Moshman's SNG videos on Stoxpoker. Incidently I've found training sites a very worthwhile investment and you could checkout some of the free content on Stoxpoker (the one I like), DeucesCracked, Cardrunners, Leggopoker.

For cash games tracking software is very useful. The best out there currently is Holdem Manager and you can free trial that for a week or so I think. For microstakes (less than .25/.50 it costs $45 and that's it). You get all the updates thrown in and the latest is Tournament Support, so might end up being useful for MTTs and SNGs. Knowing how to use all the information available can be sped up using the training sites.

Any questions let me know as I read your blog regularly via Gatsby's (for the jokes mainly ;-))


havin_a_laff said...

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Gavin said...

Many thanks to everyone for the replies.
I think I will use the program that Helraiser has offered, make better notes on players than simply "twat" and might have a look at Holdem Manager if its $45 all in as that sounds decent and if it does tournies as well all the better.

AS I said cheers for the replies