Saturday, 13 February 2010

F.A Cup winners 2010 Birmingham City??? . . . .

Decent win in the cup today against Derby even if we didn't play too well.
A perfect scenario for us would be to avoid the Villa until the semi's or better still the final and then take our chances against our biggest rivals in the biggest game in years.
Some might say "Yeah but what if you lose your biggest game for an age against your rivals?"
But to be honest I'm a gambler and would rather take my chances on the best game in a long time in the World famous cup and a 4-2 win (Well I can dream can't I).
I'm nothing if not fair though and they can still have silverware as they are in the Carling Cup Final in March.
Could do with a home draw in the Quarter's and I'll take Pompey, Albion/Reading, or Fulham/Notts Co.
Thankyou very much. If Cloud can have a word with God next time they have a chat it would be appreciated.

On to poker and I'm playing shyt. A complete lack of concentration and it's only the rake that's giving me a profit.
Thankfully I've won a tad over £100 today on the footie to boost the roll (I love late goals. Cheers Millwall and Blues).

Joke -

3 bodies turn up at the mortuary all with smiles on their faces. A cop asks the coroner "Why are they all smiling?"
The coroner explains "The 1st guy died of a heart attack shagging his Wife, hence his smile. The 2nd guy won the lottery, spent it on Whisky and died of alcohol poisoning, hence his smile. The 3rd guy however was unusual, Paddy from Belfast, struck by lightening!"
The cop asks "Why the fuck was he smiling?"
The coroner replies "Daft twat thought he was having his photo taken!!"

Good luck all


Wildcat said...

Best of luck, even if I'm only saying it as they'd make me over a grand profit :D

Have you had a bet on them?

Gavin said...

Err no lol. I only backed them today as I liked the 11/8.
Sure that you'll throw me a drink if we win it :)

John said...

Would be nice to see a club like Birmingham win it, instead of the usual suspects.

Just looking at the past winners, since 1995 when Everton won it there has only been one club outside of the so called big four to win it, Portsmouth in 2008. Been a bit of a downhill spiral for them since!

Gavin said...

Cheers John. Don't particularly want to follow the Pompey example :)

Nick (Cloud) said...

I'll have a word.
But he can only do so much....


Gavin said...

Haha. Well we avoided the Villa, Chelsea and Man City so now its up to us.

睡衣 said...

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