Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Possibly need a change . . . .

Played DYM again since the start of the month and am £70 up (£30 of which is rakeback) so obv I am just over break even. The thing is DYM are fookin boring unless you can win consistently. Play poker for a few levels and then throw all your chips in with any pair/high ace, followed by all-in any ace. I probably need to change for a few weeks and then come back to it as when you're concentrating its an easy earner but when you're bored you might as well bet on the toss of a coin.
I know I have 2 obvious flaws whatever I do. I've never gone above 3 tabling and just need to do it (possibly on lower stakes sng's til I can handle it) and secondly concentration (I need to speak to the Mrs at least once a night and I keep watching the telly).
Anyways I'll sort it out eventually. Just thought I'd post my thoughts.
Hope your having more joy with it than I am atm.

Joke -

Paddy was telling his mates about his skydive at the weekend. "The plane went up to 10,000 feet and the door opened. One by one they began to jump out until it was my turn. I couldn't do it. The instructor stepped up, pulled out his 12" cock and said "If you don't jump I'm going to stick this up your arse!!""
One of Paddy's mates asked "So did you jump?"
Paddy replied "Only when it first went in!!"

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