Sunday, 31 January 2010

Not a bad start to 2010 . . .

Tad over £400 profit and I’ll take that each month tbh at the small stakes I play. Have been playing purely DYM and although some days are pure grind and end up level there have been a few decent days and 1 shit one when I wasn’t in the mood for it and tried to play my way through and dropped £60 but the rake seems to tot up a lot quicker as I’m playing more of them.

Still awaiting cash from Titan. Have met their criteria but now bet and click are fucking about and have had to prove who I am to them as well. I think I know how the Pompey players feel now regarding wondering when they will get paid but the comments from my last post at least help out with knowing I will get it.
Bit of a comic hand last night when I had pocket 4’s and I’d hit trips but the turn gave quads and I didn’t notice (beer problem). Got 2 knocked out and a load of praise for slow playing for allowing the villains to hit their flushes before noticing. Of course I didn’t let on I just hadn’t realized. GG me lol.
As I’m purely playing DYM and am moving to Betmost I have taken £1k out of WillHill leaving me £300ish and will deposit £250 in Betmost so that should keep me going and I could do with the funds to help kit out my Son’s house.
Apart from that there’s not a lot going on so good luck at the tables.

Joke –
A blokes watching the footie on the box and flicks through the channels at half time and finds a porn film with a man shagging a woman long and hard. He says to his Wife “I don’t know whether to watch this or the game”. His Wife says “For fucks sake watch this. You already know how to play football!!”


BurnleyMik said...

DYM's... omg, I'd rather poke my own eyes out with a big stick!!

Kudos to you for sticking at those, they drive me crackers! lol.

glglglgl mate.


Wildcat said...

Simmilar total to me last month, you must have done well :p

Gavin said...

LOL Mik. Haven't got time for MTT and STT's are bit hit and miss. I'll probably have a moan about them at some point but for now they suit me and my timescales.

Cheers Nick. Well played mate

Sunny said...

Hi Gav,

Any chance you could change our link URL to so it updates when we post a new blog :) Linked you up too.

Take care, Thanks,


Gavin said...

Changed as requested Sunny.
Cheers and all the best

Danny said...

How has your February gone? Mine hasnt been too bad but not great. Look forward to reading your February post...