Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What a pallaver . . . .

Trying to cash out of Titan is a right game.
I've had to take photos of my debit card (back and front) and also my photo driving licence in order to get at my funds.
Funny how you don't have to go through this shit when you make a deposit!!
Driving licence doesn't come out that clear due to the squigly lines on it so sods law says they'll mail me back but I sent them the counterpart element as well for good luck.

Is this the same on most sites??
Never had an issue with WillHill when I joined them.
I sent them a mail pointing out I'd be a pretty shit thief to rob somones debit card, deposit cash and then withdraw the £320 winnings to their account?!?!
I wouldn't mind but I had to join Click and Pay and verify that by inputting details of the 2 debits they took out of my account already ffs.
Oh well rant over. . . On the poker front I made £365 profit on Titan purely paying DYM in 12 days and have left £35 in there as there is a poker player $3k added tourney at the weekend.

For some reason the graph doesn't quite tally with the profits but oh well. . .
Lad ill today so off work so there goes a days Annual Leave (wankers . .when I worked at Vodafone we had 5 days dependants leave we could take.
Finally (and littleacornman won't like this) my Sister has found out that the house next to hers was being used as a "herb" factory and the Police have gone and and taken the harvest and all the paraphenalia. She didn't get so much as a souvenier lol.
I'd rather have set the place on fire, gathered the neighbours around and called the fire brigade when the herb ran out. (Imagine the toke on that lol)
Good luck at the tables.
Joke . .
A bloke bursting for the loo uses the ladies in a posh hotel. He sits down and notices 4 buttons - WW, WA, PP and ATR. Curious he presses WW & is gently sprayed with warm water, then WA and a blast of warm air dries him. PP. a powder puff which left him smelling fresh. Feeling pampered he presses ATR . . . He wakes up in hospital and asks the nurse what the fuck happened. She says "ATR means Automatic Tampon Remover - Your cock is under your pillow!!"


John said...

I remember ranting about Titan in the past when the same thing happened to me. Suffice to say I don't bother playing there anymore

microstakes bankroll builder said...

yes thats pretty normal. all sites have slightly different stuff, but i have been asked for that before

Gavin said...

I've proabably just been lucky with Hills then. Cheers for the comments.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Quite a few sites do it now because of the regulations and terms of their licence.

I just had to give Betfair a full ID check despite me playing there for ages and doing work for them!

BurnleyMik said...

They don;t want you to withdraw, so they make it a pain in the arse. Standard.

Graph lookin all pretty though!



Gavin said...

Cheers Mik and Pud. Sounds like its standard procedure then. I might sort Betmost out from the off to make life easier.

John said...

Think betmost are fine I can't remember them asking me for anything last time I withdrew

Wildcat said...

It's standard with most non uk based betting firms, as our banking security standards are considered to be sufficient, so hills, lads etc won't need it.

Full Tilt only ask for it if you request a cheque, I had a bank transfer go through without any id needed, probably for the very reason that you mentioned in your email, if it comes from a person with the same bank details as the original deposit, it's pretty certain to be legit. I think it's the same for stars.