Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New challenge . . .

Played like a tool since New Year. My poker is all about confidence.I don't know why but every now and then I play as if I've never played before and don't think about what I'm doing and shove with shit. Yes there has been the odd bad beat thrown in but thats only natural. Fuktheriva is now showing as Super Tilt on i-poker and even though it only amounted to £3o loss as I got £50 rakeback it still got on my nerves. I am also pissed off with playing the same people all the time on the DYM and Deepstacks.

fuktheriva 1,377 $2 $9 21% $2,139 Super Tilt 71 iPoker

So I opened another account on i-poker. Needed to set up an account on Titan to enter a Poker Player tourney so shoved £20 in and they doubled it. No rakeback but I've not enquired yet.
In short I'm going to play the same games I normally do but without any history to look at and use minimal BRM to see if I can spin up.
Playing $5 and $10 DYM until I reach £100 then $10 and $20 untill I get to £250 and then $20 and $30 if I get this far.
Challenge will probably go tits up before I get to the first hurdle but it gives me something to have a go at.
The Titan username is Bluenose200000

Blues have got Man U this weeknd and I can see our unbeaten run going west as I reckon Ferguson will have ripped them a new one after the Leeds performance so we might get the backlash. Will certainly be the best test of our defence and Joe Hart yet I would think.

Joke -

A man farts in bed and says to his Wife "1-0"
Wife farts and says "1 all"
Man farts and says "2-1"
Wife farts and says "2-2"
Man farts, follows through and shits the bed.
Wife says "What the fuck was that?!!!"
Hubby replies "Half time. Swap sides!!"

Good luck all


Wildcat said...

Haha, I was showing as Super Tilt also, zero cashes for the year on PLO, until I played my first ever PLO8 tourney, didn't have a clue what I was doing, no idea what were decent starting hands or flops in it, and somehow came 18th (outdrawn in multiway pot after flopping trips!)

Remember, form is temporary, class is permament....

Gavin said...

Cheers mate. I'm fooked either way then lol.