Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fuck Virgin . . . .

Anyone reading this expecting a tale of fucking a virgin will be sorely disappointed.

No this post is about Virgin media and their current inability to go a month without an outage affecting their tv/broadband or most recently both.
Appreciate the weather has been a bit moody recently but this has been on and off for the last 3 months and really pissed me off last night when I had was cruising in a couple of $20 DYM and at just before midnight everything just goes off.
Now imo if their is an outage you reboot a server for example and possibly look at it as a one off, if it happens again you do another reboot but do a route cause analysis to try to get to the bottom of the issue and if it happens a 3rd shoot the fucker that didn't sort of the root cause.
But no when you ring the customer unit notification team (cunt) the "advisor" just keeps licking the window and tells you he doesn't know what an outage is but thats whats happened and not to leave the company as you are on the VIP package which means you are getting a discount for the services (that you are not recieiving at the moment??!!)
So sod them I've rang Sky who can do me the same package (-ESPN) with BT line and their broadband for £15 less a month but with paying a few quid for installation with a few vouchers thrown in.
On the poker front my little challenge is up to £108 on Titan and £1200 on WillHill but will probably move a bit to Betmost on the i-poker network as I've heard of a deal offering decent rakeback if I can find a link to it.
Been sledging today with my lad. Great fun but I think I've broken my coccyx (tail bone) by smashing into small child. She was fine btw.

Joke -

Paddy goes into Marks and Spencer to buy his Wife a maternity bra.
Shop assistant says "What bust Sir?
Paddy says "The fucking condom!!"

Good luck all.


Conan776 said...

I am sorely disappointed. :(

But I feel the same way about Comcast. They are trying to lure me back via an endless pamphleteer campaign but it won't happen.

On the bright side: at least you are subsidizing putting millionaires in space.

seanb said...

My dad had Virgin turn up this week to repair the phone line into his house. Engineer took a look, sucked his teeth and said "Can't do that, it's a replacement, not a repair" and fucked off. They have no clue.

Gavin said...

They are shyt mate. Looking forward to calling them tomorrow. They are bound to make an offer but there's no point as I need stability on the net :)

Fenix35 said...

whatever u do, don't go for TalkTalk broadband. The nut worst.

rubbish said...

There's links for Betmost on RTR. Not sure what the rakeback deal is but if you register and put a thread up for Mik he will sort it out for you.

Gavin said...

Have done. Thanks

DanHoffman said...

Hey not sure what region you are in but in West Midlands it is just disgusting. I have had about one week uptime since December 1st. I have started to use a 3G mobile device until they fix it.
Apparently BeBroadband is good? anyone know?