Saturday, 16 January 2010

Moving sites again . . .

Following the last post I am moving back to Sky at the end of Feb and have told Virgin they are shyt. They didn't seem that fussed tbh and are probably getting inundated with calls.

On other fronts you may recall that my 16 year old Son has got his girlfriend in the family way and things are progressing well as she has sorted out a private 3 bed semi that the Social are paying for and he has got a number of contacts who are offering him bricklaying work even though he is only 5 months into his course. He has apparently already got a reputation for being a grafter and with a kiddie on the way they know he needs the cash.
No wonder Johnny Foreigner loves the UK so much though. I had no idea of the types or amounts of benefits you could get until I had a chat with him. Up to £600 towards your rent?? He is determined to pay his own way but its going to take time until he is in a position where he will be able to pay that himself.

On the poker front I have got Titan up to £225 and the DYM are going quite well but am going to move the cash over to Betmost Poker as Titan don't offer any rakeback of any sort so I am spewing up to $30 a night that I'll never see again. They are also on the i-poker network but thanks to Rubbish and Hellraiser who advised me, Betmost offer a "weekly sponsorship bonus" which is another word for something else but i-poker don't like it apparently.

Anyways if you are interested in earning what I consider to be a great "weekly sponsorship bonus" + decent VIP status and 3 freerolls (1k, 2k and 5k) a month you need to join RaiseTheRiver forum and email to get it sorted for you.
This is not a sponsored part of the post I just thought I'd share the info.

Thats about it for now but when I move across to Betmost my table name will be KROBeauBrummie and I'll be there from the back end of next week.

GL all.

Joke -

Paddy's in jail with a big black fella. On the first night the fella takes his cock out and bashes it against the toilet bowl, the bowl breaks. He bashes it against the prison bars, the bars bend.
He says "Paddy, Now I'm going to shove this up your arse!!."
Paddy says "Thank fuck for that! I thought you were going to hit me with it."


rubbish said...

You're going to have to change your profile to three kids (1 an adult) and a grandkid.
Congrats and good luck.

Gavin said...

Ha Ha Cheers Rubbish. You're right might think I'll wait til after my B'day. I'll also have to put my cup size on as well if my middle aged spread keeps going.

Danny said...

Virgin Media were the bain of my life for a few years - was so pleased to get ridof them and also managed to get the final two months for free

BurnleyMik said...

Thanks for the pimpage mate!!!