Saturday, 20 February 2010

Subconscious chat once the tables are closed down . . . .

If you're anything like me you probably have a subconscious chat with yourself at the end of each session on how things have gone (or am I the only tard that does this??)
Anyways below are the usual questions that I ask myself on a regular basis and the answers in blue are the answers I would like to give and the answers in the brackets in red are the answers I have had to give the last few days.

So how did you play this evening? Like a God. Total "A" game. (Like a cock. Total fuckwit)
How's the bankroll looking? £100 up (£100 down)
Any reason for this? Brilliant reads (Brilliant reads by "them")
Did you Tilt? What me? Don't be daft. I'm totally okay with variance (What me? Of course I did. I thought if they can win with shyt so can I)
Are you still learning the intracacies of the game? I'm always learning. You can never know it all (I need to get back to basics as I'm going backwards)
What improvements could you make to your game? Keep maximising opportunity (Stop watching the tv, drinking and playing like a newbie)
Are the profits still happening? Of course (Not if I keep playing like a cnut)
Oh well back to the drawing board.

As a final point. If Pompey go into administration do Blues get a bye to the Semis of the FA Cup? Then we can play Palace , wait for them to go the same way and get straight to the final. Just a thought.

Good luck all

Joke -
Paddy's struggling down the road with a wardrobe.
A friend says "Paddy, why don't you get Mick to help you?
Paddy replies "He's inside carrying the clothes!!?"


Fenix35 said...

1% for the Sunday schedule received. Thanks mate. Now let's hope I run like god in the 4 million guaranteed ;)

Gavin said...

Thanks for the confirmation. I will have a night off the felt tomorrow and let you do the work (hopefully). Glgl

BurnleyMik said...

One good thing about your conversation mate... You don't seem dillusional, being your own harshest critic will massively help you develop as a player.

Those guys who think they never do anything wrong and it's all bad-beats are basically fucked because they can;t even admit it to themselves!!!

Good luck


Gavin said...

Cheers Mik.
Starting this evening I'm going to concentrate. Now where's the beer :)