Saturday, 27 February 2010

Getting a new laptop . . .

I've decided to buy a new laptop and have taken an upgrade on the 3 broadband dongle I've got and plummed for an Inspiron 1750 with 17" screen.
I told my Son who is 10 that I'd get him a laptop before he went to Secondary school as their homework diaries are on-line and they can upload their homework nowadays apparently.
However being a selfish sort of Dad and having seen him eat spare ribs and a sticky cake while bumbling about on mine (that took me longer to calm down than any bad beat) I can't bring myself to give him a nice new shiny one so he's going to make do with mine which is only a year or so old and I'll have the nice new shiny one.
Only costing me £15 a month on top of what I was paying and a mate at work pays half at the moment when he's on shift so not too bad and besides can't afford to pay up front anyways while I'm helping to kit my older lads house out.

On to poker and I've only played a bit and am still level though I dropped $40 when I tried out Rush Poker but I still think it's a cracking idea and reckon I'll soon get it back if I play ultra tight.
If you were the one whose idea that was I hope you would get a proper bonus akin to the Banker arseholes and not the proverbial M&S voucher for your efforts.

Anyways off to the pub now for an afternoon of gambling on horses, football, poker, and whatever else is on the cards (Gotta have a blow out as I think I'm ready for one and feel ready to blow my top with shit at work and forking out left, right and centre for my lads house (At least that bit is appreciated)).

Good luck all and funnily enough to the Villa tomorrow as well (a complete one off and proves I need a beer).

Joke -

Paddy weighs 20st so his Doctor puts him on a diet.
"I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip a day, eat for 2 days, skip a day and so on for 2 weeks and you should lose 5lb."
When Paddy returned he shocked the Doctor by having lost 4st.
"Thats amazing!" says the Doc.
"I'll tell you be Jesus, I thought I was going to drop dead by the end of the first week." says Paddy.
"What from hunger?" asks the Doc.
"No from all the fuckin skipping!!" replies Paddy


Benny said...

First off, nice joke.

Second, i was looking for a laptop myself recently and was recommended a machine and deal similar to yours.

In the end i plumped for a netbook (to go with my desktop) but hope yours works out well for you, and your little lad :)

Helraiser said...

Dont care who beats the scum, as long as they are beat.

Gavin said...

Thats why we get on mate. Str8 to the point :)

havin_a_laff said...

re. RUSH - not sure tight is right. i think a lot are playing that way - set mining or waiting for strong hands to get it in with the weaker players. straightforward might not be the best strategy. I think most are not looking to get involved with marginal hands so simply fold and move on. seems to me there are lots of opps to pick up pots. there are a few RUSH videos on stoxpoker which are excellent

Gavin said...

You are right mate. I played last night. admittedly pissed, and got my $40 and a bit more. A raised every time I was on the button without fail and got roughly 3/4 through and re-raised if I had an Ace in the BB but mainly if it was the button who raised me. Seemed to work anyway. Cheers for your comment Benny,