Friday, 4 December 2009

Can't wait . . .

So the World Cup draw has been made and England have got USA (12th June), Algeria (18th June) and Slovenia (23rd June).
Got to be happy with that and we should definately be good for the latter stages but being a Bluenose I'm never confident about much.
Just gutted that I forgot the World Cup when booking my hols for next year as I'm away last week May/ First week June and Last week July/ First week August.
If you can't get to the World Cup itself there's nothing better then being in the sun and watching the games from a bar by the beach.
Littleacornman has given me a few tips for turbo sng's so am going to have a go at some of them over the next few days as I think I'm wasting potential cash time on the deep stacks but we'll see how the variance affects me but thanks to Acorn for that anyways.

Joke -

The 7 dwarfs went to meet the Pope.
"Go on Dopey ask him" chant the other 6.
"Okay" said Dopey "Are there any Nuns in Alaska Sir?"
"Yes there are" said the Pope
"Go on Dopey ask him" urge the other 6.
"Are there any black nuns in Alaska Sir?" asks Dopey
"Yes there are" said the Pope.
"Go on Dopey ask him" . .
Dopey blushed "Are there any midget black Nuns in Alaska?"
"No I don't believe there are" said the Pope.
The other 6 dwarfs leap up and down and shout "Dopey shagged a penguin! Dopey shagged a penguin!"

Childish I know lol


Michael said...

linked up as requested

Gavin said...

Thanks for that mate

Wildcat said...

Get ya money on Chile....

Littleacornman said...

No probs mate.Looking forward to hearing how you get at at da turbs.The most important tip I failed to mention is....Run goot!

Gavin said...

righty ho mate

Gavin said...

lol Acorn. I intend to. Cheers mate

Yorkshire Pud said...

Joke was bad but it made me lol! What does that say about me?

We should walk that group but as a Leeds fan I know not to get too optimistic about football