Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sometimes it makes you wonder . . .

I have played on poker WillHill for about 4 years now and am quite happy with the site, its set up etc and its not too hard.
I get rake back and for the past few months they have had a promotion where you also got a monthly bonus which equated to a % of the rake.
Not being a high volume player its only a few quid but its free money and I like free money.
Anyways this month I got the usual popup at the End of November saying it was continuing in December but no payment so I left it a few days and emailed WillHill.
1st mail - They said they don't have a monthly bonus scheme.
2nd mail - They said they did and I would recieve £71 in 24 hours (Bonus as I was only expecting £20).
3rd email - Back to square 1 and they say they don't do a monthly bonus.

Was really dying to mail back and say "It's your feckin site. How come you don't know your arse from your feckin elbow and what offers you have". The previous payments or rake don't appear on my history so I can't send them previous to make my point and I don't want my bankroll of £1300 frozen should they freeze my account if I call them a bunch of muppets over £20.
Still pisses me off that they don't know what they are doing but they have asked me to do a screenshot if the offer comes up again, which I will, just so they know I'm not trying it on.

Enough moaning for now - GL all

Joke (and I liked this one) -

Zoo keeper says to Paddy "The gorilla is on heat and we need someone to have sex with him. Would you consider shagging him for £500?"
Paddy replies "I will on 3 conditions; 1st I'm not going to kiss it, 2nd my family must never know and 3rd I'll need a couple of weeks to get the money together!!"


Robert "Animal" Price said...

william hill poker support has always been one of worst across the board in my experience. that said i have had so few problems with them on crypto or ipoker they are the site i use on ipoker currently. im on the same deal and to be honest they are probably scared shit to put nething in an email that might imply they pay "rakeback" as ipoker clamp down so hard on this as i understand. loads of us must be on this scheme as i think we had the choice of keeping what would be equivalent to rakeback on crypto or going with new loyalty scheme when they moved. i dont monitor my payments although like how it pops up once a week if ive been playing saying u have been paid £x etc. impossible to know i guess but i think the scheme is def better than any loyalty scheme advertised on ipoker skins although there are bound to be private deals on those too i guess but more for high volume players only. gl gettin paid i know i got my £50 or whatever it was this week as i remember it popping up and i havent played since.

Gavin said...

Cheers for the comment Rob. I can't be arsed to play anywhere else and now I've calmed down its not for a great amount anyway. They just pissed me off :)