Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Small profits and I support a decent footie team . . .

Woohoo - Birmingham are unbeaten in 5 and playing some decent football. It looks as though the defence will throw themselves in front of the ball and battle and in Midfield and upfront we are showing some steel and a bit of quality.
With Wigan away followed by West Ham at home, Blackburn at home and Everton away I can't see any reason to stop the run yet but we will have to wait and see. (Positive thoughts from a normally realistic, "we'll get a kick in the nads soon" pessimistic sod).

On the poker front a small profit of £163 for November which keeps things going in the right direction but could do with a decent score in time for the Xmas drinks marathon thats round the corner.

The weekend went well at Towcester, no big price winners, but ended near enough level apart from the alcohol consumed and it was feckin freezin so we went to the pub after the 4th race. A good day out though so will be going there again when the global warming takes place.

GL all

Joke - (Didn't have one so thought I'd post some golf terms a mate mailed me)


A Sally Gunnell - not pretty but a good runner

A Paris Hilton - an expensive hole

A Dennis Wise - a nasty 5 footer

A Diego Maradona - a very nasty 5 footer

A Salman Rushdie - an impossible read

A Rio Ferdinand - Lipped out

A Rock Hudson - thought it was straight, but it wasn't

A Cuban - needs one more revolution

An Adolf - two shots in the bunker

A Yasser Arafat - ugly and in the sand

A Kate Winslett - a bit fat but otherwise perfect

A Kate Moss - bit thin

A Gerry Adams - playing a Provisional

A David Trimble - tentative prod

A Glen Miller - kept low and didn't make it over the water

An Arthur Scargill - a great strike but a poor result

A Peter Mandelson - an unbelievable iron

A Rodney King - over-clubbed

An O.J. Simpson - got away with it

A Paula Radcliffe - not as ugly as a Sally Gunnell but still a good

A Princess Grace - should have taken a driver

A Princess Di - shouldn't have taken a driver

A Robin Cook - just died on the hill

A Douglas Bader - looked good in the air, but didn't have the legs

An Arsene Wenger - everyone saw where it went but you

A Ken Livingstone - quite far left

A Jean-Marie LePen - a long way right

A condom - safe but didn't feel real good

A circus tent - a BIG top

An Anna Kournikova - looks great, but unlikely to get a result

A Vinnie Jones - nasty kick when you're not expecting it

A Ryanair - flies well but lands a long way from the target

. . . . . . and my personal favourite

A sister-in-law - up there but I know that I shouldn't be


John said...

Your doing very well - shame about Wolves! 40 million to spend in January aswell, you should be pushing for Europe ;-)

Yorkshire Pud said...

The Sally Gunnell one still makes me smile everytime I hear it though the sister-in-law is class too!

Gavin said...

Thanks for your comments gents. Europe John?? Only if we enter the Welsh Cup mate.lol