Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Joe Hart for England!!??

. . I don't think there's a better English keeper atm. The fella has helped Birmingham go 11 games unbeaten (something we've not done in over 100 years) and has made some cracking saves along the way. I think 9 clean sheets in 20 Premiership games speaks volumes.

I honestly think that instead of saying "He's definately one for the future" players should be given a chance if they deserve it. Certainly in a friendly or 2 leading up to South Africa which are the games to try players out and have a closer look at them.

To be fair the partnership of Dann and Johnson are looking strong and the midfield of a rejuvenated Bowyer and Ferguson have been class. The one player who seems in and out and can be annoying is McFadden but when he is on his game he can turn matches but if you can't be consistent and confident when the team are flying when can you do it??

With Man U (h), Portsmouth (a) and Chelsea (a) our next 3 Premiership games the run might be over soon but they have surprised me so far so you never know . . .

On the poker front I have had a £100 loss over Xmas mainly due to a pissed up Boxing Day but you can't have everything. I've taken £500 out of the account for some bills and still have £4k bills to pay so will be taking $500 out everytime I get to £1.5k for a while.

Have had a decent enough 2009 though not as profitable as 2008 but as I will be starting 2010 with a minimum of £1k bankroll as opposed to £300 in 2009 I hope to have a better start.
Plans for 2010 errmm - Win more, play more MTT to win more, get to grips with Thunder STT's which Acornman gave me tips on a month ago.

Joke (apologies)
I was round at my new girlfriends for dinner the other day . .as she was cooking she asked me to turn the veg on, apparently fingering her disabled Sister in her wheelchair wasn't the right thing to do . . .


Kevin Stevens said...

Rob Green's very solid, mind you his going to be pretty fucking busy with West Ham over the coming months so he might actually be worn out by the time the summer comea around!

Gavin said...

Agreed that Green is a solid keeper and I think Hart will have plenty of practice between now and the end of the campaign as well mate :)

John said...

Hart is looking really good, I would have him in. Just look at his rivals, there isn't exactly much competition for the England jersey at the moment.

James constantly injured, foster can't get in the man u team (3rd choice) Robinson's crap, Green is in a bad team and Kirkland is another walking injury. Your man is looking the best bet for me.