Monday, 3 November 2008

The good, the bad .....

The good -

My blog won the UKgatsby award for blog of the month. I would like to thank the poker widow (Mrs Gav), my reader and my family for helping me achieve this great honour.
UKgatsby also has a jokey dig at my iffy jokes at the end of each post.
Not sure where he's coming from as I haven't mentioned the Toon Army once but I have heard that David and Victoria Beckham are thinking about buying the club as Brooklyn's Xmas present because he said he wanted a cowboy outfit :)

Entered the bloggerment that HairyGymnast.Com organised last night on Full Tilt and a very friendly affair it was too. Bubbled in 4th unfortunately but will making this a regular. I like the fact that it is a Thunder and is over in little over an hour. (I play under SOTV on Full Tilt (Shit on the Villa)).

The bad -

There is a downside to producing an honest blog and that is that sometimes you have to admit you are a complete cock (no comments needed on that tyvm).
Hopefully just the fact that I am posting this will mean I do not repeat this.

Having had another shyt Saturday regarding footie bets I sat down to watch the X-Factor while playing poker. (I could say that its the Wife's fault but I would probably watch it anyways tbh)

Anyways I was 100% sure that the pub singer Daniel was going to walk this week and backed it with £150 @ 1/2 before the off.
As soon as the bet was confirmed I was thinking "What the fook have I done that for" and even told the Mrs that I had fooked up and win or lose would never be risking as much on a poxy reality show again especially as it takes time to win the money on poker tournies to start with. Add this to the fact that in my last post I advised that I was going to set up a separate betting account so that bets would not affect my bankroll and it was even more stupid!!

I was still shocked though when he was the first confirmed as to having survived as were the judges.

I do not feel the slightest bit better having written about it but there you go.
As I have said it was not the fact that the bet lost. It was the fact that I risked £150 of my hard earned roll at all on something so daft and inane.

Joke -

Paddy stumbles across a mass baptism at a river.. He walks into the river and stands next to the preacher.. "Are you ready to find Jesus my Son".. Paddy says "I am Sir".. Preacher puts him under the water the says "Have you found Jesus?" "No Sir" says Paddy... He puts him under for longer... "Have you found Jesus?" "No Sir".. So the preacher puts him under for 2 minutes... "Have you found Jesus?" Paddy says "No and you're killing me here. Are you sure this is where he fucking fell in?"

Good luck all



Marky said...

Hi Gavin, linked you up. Nice blog!

I saw your bubble bust-out of the Brit Blogger, unlucky but you played well.

Hope to play with you again soon.


Gavin said...

Cheers Mark. Look forward to it :)

TEAMDOBB said...

just found ya through gatsby thingy.

take nee shit mate cos X FACTOR ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS!!!!!!

follow the X Factor tips and betting startegies at NPF Thread lolol and we serious mate

gl & enjoy

Gavin said...

I'll have a look and ty

United113 said...

on the application form for X-Factor it asks what things have happened in your life to affect you... Just going for maximum weep factor for higher viewers.. if any of them were any good they would have been signed up already surely...

Gavin said...

Fair point United. I won't be gambling anymore on this but if a fella sounds like a pub singer and has a sob story I would rather put a quid in his kitty than get battered. On talent alone who is going to buy his music?

Expensive lesson but one I've learnt :(