Monday, 24 November 2008


Back from my holiday and tbh it was good to have a break from poker and I now feel fully refreshed and ready for a renewed battle to try and build my roll back up.
I read a book or 2 while I was away (fuck off all those whose first thoughts were "Janet and John").
I read Kill Everyone by Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib and Kim Lee and though I don't agree with everything in the book (probably down to not understanding the maths completely) there was still alot to take from it and I am certainly going to change aspects of my game.
Tried a couple of small MTT's last night and found it more enjoyable having instigated the tweaks and though I did not win either I cashed a bit in one to get monies back and enjoyed it far better than just waiting things out.
The above authors had a previous book Kill Phil so I should probably have read that first and will do soon.

On a different note the Manager of Birmingham has been e-mailing fans after each game with his thoughts on the match and I am not sure whether this is done by other clubs but it would be interesting if you could reply to the mail (you can't) with your own thoughts on the game.
I certainly can't moan about the Blues at the moment as we are 2nd in the Championship but it would certainly be a bit funny if your team was languishing at the bottom of your league as you could reply:-

Dear Nobby (Manager),

Thanks for your latest mail regarding your thoughts on our latest performance against Rollover City. I must admit that I was looking forward to the game as they had lost their previous 32 away from home with a goal difference of -215.
You can imagine my disappointment at our 6-0 loss and would like to make a few suggestions on possible changes to team selection and training methods:-
1) I believe our full back (Joey McFukwit) needs to be upfront and stay there particularly when the opposition have a corner. His 2 own goals certainly did not help and the fact that the Rollover forwards congratulated him and he had his arms aloft does not bode well. If he does this the correct end we might have a chance. Also could you check his bank accounts for deposits as his diving header for the first looked a little out of place too.
2) I believe that that our left back (Dick Curtain-Wipe) needs to swap places with our keeper (Donny Flap) as this is his 3rd sending off for hand-ball in as many games and yet Donny stops a shot and spends the next 5 minutes blowing on his hands to take the pain away.
3) Have you thought about my previous offer of using my spare barn doors for shooting practice? I am now more than happy to relinquish to clause that you would have to pay for any damage as I can see this is unlikely and I do not think they would be in any danger from 5 yards let alone the free kicks that we discussed.
4) When we (your loyal fans) start singing "You're shit and you know you are" can you please ask the front pair and midfield not to turn round, point to the defense and join is as this must be a little discouraging and we were singing at all of you.
5) When I went to the bar in the last match your ever effective scheme of employing staff from every nation known to man was again brought to the fore when my change had yet another currency in it. I can't remember what it was at the moment but when I googled it I needed 26570000 more to buy a loaf of bread in their economy so if I you could either provide change in £GBP or set up a bureau de change that would be fantastic.
I think thats it for now Nobby. Take no notice of the fans calling for your head, though the buggers with the meat cleavers did look a bit fucking naughty. I don't think they really know where you live but you might want to defend yourself a little better than you manage with our goal or move to where my change came from.


Fan A


My missus asked me to make love to her like they do in the movies, so I stuck it up her arse and came on her face, while shouting "Take that BITCH!" From the look on her face I'd hazard a guess that we don't watch the same movies.

Gl all..


Wildcat said...

Welcome back, hope you had a great time!

You wanna try being an Arsenal fan at the moment! :(

Gavin said...

I did thanx. There's alot to be said for All Inclusive :)
I think Gallas's issues started when your lot conceded a penalty at St Andrews last season. Crying on the half way line. Bless him.

Wildcat said...

And the worst thing about it was that it was the most blatant non penalty I have ever seen, and was one of around 4-5 huge refereeing blunders which cost us the title!

Having said that, I reckon he'll be on his way at the end of this season.

Anyway, under the tutelage of captain Fab we will be back, the recovery starts tonight, I'm on unquoted at 6/1 ;)

Gavin said...

You sound a tad like Arsene Wenger mate :)
Never mind you won't need to worry about us til next year now.
Can we have Bendtner back please

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog. Very funny, especially the letter to the manager.