Thursday, 6 November 2008

Got to get the SHIT outta me....

I have got to get the shit out of my system. I am just throwing my money away at the moment through poo play and it has nothing to do with bad beats or the like it is pure and simple not being aggressive enough early doors, getting too aggro with the wrong hands or attempting bluffs at the wrong time.
Admittedly as I have stuck to small stakes it has only cost me a small % of my roll but it is the annoyance rather than the cash that is pissing me off.

Put £50 or $80 into Full tilt purely to play bloggerment but am down to $25 and have only played one, chucking through STT's when I have been knackered. One thing it has taught me though is that bankroll management is important so will be using my last $25 wisely and trying to build it up rather than have to deposit more.
Not moaning about anything other than me and if the pc could do a ditty I am sure it would be "You're shit and you know you are....".
Been through this before and I will get through it soon enough but could do with a couple of final tables before I go away.
Anyways that's enough of this negative crap.
Joke -
Priest and Nun on a camel in the Sahara desert when the camel drops dead leaving them doomed. Realising their fate the Priest asks the Nun to expose her tits and she agrees providing he exposes his cock. They fondle each other and the Priest gets an erection. "You know if I put this in the right place I can create life" said the Priest. "Stick it up the camels arse then and lets get the f*ck out of here then" said the Nun.
Good luck all



Wildcat said...

There's someone else doing as badly as me then ;) I've tried the double or nothings on stars, they are so so so bad but the clowns keep sucking out...maybe it's the chinese year of the donkey?

Gavin said...

Could well be mate and the donkey could be me but I can't even suck out with my shit. I even checked Sharkscope today and I am on "Super Tilt" form for my Full Tilt accy which I know I will turn around in the long run but also proves Sharkscope is reliable :)