Wednesday, 12 November 2008

This is a hard and long learning curve….

If you don’t want to read about my woes miss out the first paragraph :)

The poker gods must think I need a bit of hardship as they think a plague of defeats will make me stronger in the long run.
Why they can’t just let a plague of locusts infest my underpants for a couple of days while I play in discomfort I don’t know. This is not to be and I am still playing through the pain barrier having a few bad beats (to be expected) but am playing much better the last few days but need some breaks.
This has lasted a fortnight which seems like forever and is probably classed as a minor swing but I’ve never had one for this long before. How long can it last?
There are probably a few out there thinking WTF is he moaning about but this is all relative to the stakes you play and could take me a bit of time to get back.

Thank the good normal Lord that I go on holiday this weekend.

In hindsight it would have been better to set the alarm to watch the Calzaghe fight instead of playing poker while drinking copious amounts of beer and would have saved me a hefty chunk of bankroll. To add insult to injury I feel asleep at the end of the 2nd round.
My bankroll went down to a few quid under £800 which is a hefty fall over the past couple of weeks so I have decided to withdraw £500 to pay off a few bills and my car tax and leave myself with just under £300.
The thought process behind this is that I am going to play the small tournies that are usually the bread and butter and then I will have to build again to a reasonable level. It will also ensure that I do not have stupid bets as I will appreciate the value of my bankroll more.

I have also decided to have a complete rest on Tuesday nights (there are no value tournies on WillHill on a Tuesday to miss out on) and Thursday’s (Am at college anyway). This, I hope, will give me a couple of nights off to feed the poker hunger.

Anyway this is the last post for a week or so thanks to my holiday on Saturday so I wish you all the best. I have bought a couple of strategy books to read by the pool so hopefully might learn a thing or two.
Part of me wishes I was here for the next week as a lot of players will be on the CPC so there may be even better value in the WillHill Super Series but I am sure that once the all-inclusive aspect of the holiday kicks in I won’t even remember my name.

Joke :-

A man goes up to a stunner in Tesco and says “I’ve lost my Wife. Will you talk to me for a few minutes?” The woman looking puzzled asks, “Why talk to me?” Fella says “Because every time I talk to a woman with tits like yours my fuckin Wife appears out of nowhere.”


Wildcat said...

Have a great time on holiday, it's been very well earned from your result a couple of weeks ago!

To be honest, I think just leaving yourself 300 quid for the mtts might be a mistake, unless you are just going to play two quidders and no higher. Otherwise, as they are such high variance, you could easily do a high percentage of your roll and put yourself under extra pressure...

Good luck and hopefully you should get back on track soon.

JoppaRoad said...

Have a good holiday mate!jokm

Gavin said...

Thanks for the comments.
TBH you may be right Wild and reading through my past posts I change my mind like the wind. Only a short time ago I was going to play every Super Series etc etc. I am going to stick to the two quidders and the 2 smallest Super Series and see how I go. I think I need to grow a pair of bollocks when I have a bigger roll and play bigger tournies but can't seem to make the step up at the moment. I am determined to get there but a good point made mate.

Ukgatsby said...

Enjoy your hols, take it easy and on your return build up the roll and confidence. If both are low its like pissing in the wind.
gl gl

Gavin said...

Cheers Paul. I seem to be doing alot of pissing in the wind at the moment and wind is blowing in my face so its just not nice :(
Cheers mate.