Saturday, 29 November 2008

Thank God I don’t do this for a living…

My losses are small and so are the majority of the wins apart from the odd few which tend to make 90% + of the difference but to play this game for your livelihood has to be something else. I honestly think I would not cope and would always be playing scared poker.

A negative month that could have been alot worse and I don’t deserve any better tbh.
Might as well post now as I will only be playing in the Bloggerment this weekend as I am going on the beer now and will not be playing while drunk. (though it couldn't get much worse and might loosen me up a bit)
No good moaning when you play like poo for the majority of the month and get a few bad beats at the end of it and with a holiday in between.
Finished minus £110 but if you add the £67 I carried over from last month it is really minus £177.

Have just been checking my profits for the year which currently stand at over £6k which doubles last year and puts things in a positive perspective. However with my current bankroll I will be hard pressed to match it in 2009.
My aim for December is just to be profitable and build to £400 – £500 bankroll to be able to start with for the new year.

I thinking cashing down to £300 a few weeks ago may have been a mistake as I am now feeling a bit short but as I have only ever deposited once on WillHill I want to keep that record intact so will just have to chip away at it.

Will post my total end of year stats at the end of December obv along with a couple of objectives for 2009.

That’s it. A short one by my normal standards.

GL all.

Joke –
My wife, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me one of these mood rings so she could monitor my mood.We discovered that, when I am in a good mood, it turns green and, when Iam in a bad mood, it leaves a fu*king big red mark on her forehead.


Helraiser said...

Hi gav

Did you back Arsenal and Histon?
Nice score if you did!!!

Just had a fiver on histon at 9/2

Gavin said...

I did mate.
Had my change £6.50 on Hills at 9/2 Histon and 7/2 Arsenal so though the poker is shyt I add to the bankroll anyways :)

Ukgatsby said...

U playing the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! ???

Details on blog
gl gl

Gavin said...

Have registered now mate