Friday, 5 December 2008


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code:

Thought I might as well post as well as outting the above on the blog.

Still not alot happening for me on the poker front though I did play 4 x 9 player $10 STT last night on Full Tilt and finished 3rd 3 times and 1st once having thrown away $10 on a 90 player before that. I was not liking Full Tilt but have now got used to the fact that the STT's are loose until it gets to 6 left then tightens up considerably. Have also learnt a little discipline and a bit about equity so last night did not rush anything and it worked. I would like to think that this might be consistent in future games but time will tell.

However put a few quid on Histon/Arsenal double last week and managed to scoop £168 which has boosted my WillHill roll to nearly £400 to compensate for some of the poker losses.

Not sure what is happening at WillHill at the moment as they have cut some of their decent guarantees (global economy might be a reason) but have also chopped the £4 19:00 which seems a bit inane as there was no guarantee involved and means that on most days there is no small stakes MTT's between 18:30 and 20:00 which may encourage their clients to bugger off elsewhere.

On a lighter note their was some mad comment left on F-Badgers last post that has unfortunately been removed by the blog administrator. F-Badgers blog makes good reading but the comment was a rant of gigantic proportions and was longer than the post he was commenting on and completely OTT - Hilarious but totally uncalled for. Shame its gone really as it was so ridic it just made the anonymous commenter look a twat.

Good luck all

Joke -

Just bought a scouse advent calender - fuckin typical all the windows are boarded up and some bastards nicked all the chocolate.


Helraiser said...

Hi gav

There clipping the tournie guarantees due to numbers, there just not making the numbers. Crypto is dying a slow death if you ask me. i opened an account with Paddy power to get some experiance of the software and games etc prior to willy hills moving to IPoker but i think i will be on Paddy Power most of the time untill the switch.

Gavin said...

I appreciate that mate but they will need customers when they move network (Not sure that they are losing any) but if I am playing on Full Tilt and you are on Paddy Power thats a couple of small stakes gone but what about the bigger stakes?
I might have a look at Paddy Power myself. What's the standard like? and do they offer rake back?
GL mate

Amatay said...

was that on u the betfred grand prix freerell the other night mate. I think u stole my blind ffs, grrr

Gavin said...

It was mate and thanks for giving it up. I only lasted about half hour so alot of good it did me.
Did u curse me after?

Good luck