Friday, 19 December 2008

Levelling out....

Breaking even at the moment playing STT's on Full Tilt.
Should be alot better but breaking even is better than losing.
However Bankroll is falling behind the £500 target with £280 on Will Hill and $190 on Full Tilt.
Joined raisetheriver this week and will be posting on there shortly asking for advice on how to improve bankroll and what to play when short of time as I am going to be able to play far less hours in 2009 and still want to make it worthwhile.

You would think I 'd know the answer to improving the bankroll (win more money than you fookin lose) but I need a reminder and a confidence boost :).

Looking forward to Xmas now and apart from working 1/2 days Xmas Day and Boxing Day am now free until 30th December and with assignments done and dusted I can concentrate on poker for the next 3 weeks.

My youngest is getting all excited and it is good to see and I'm going to make the most of it as they grow up really quick and in a couple of years he will just be communicating through grunts like the other 2 did.

Not alot else to say really so unless I win something (anything pleeeease!!!) I will probably leave posting until between Xmas and New Year.

Hope everybody has a good one and a profitable New Year.



A duck walks into a bar...
"Got any Bread?"
Barman says "no!"
"Got any bread?"
"Got any bread?"
"Got any bread?"
"No, We haven't got any bread! Ask me again and I'll nail your fuckin beak to the bar you irritating bastard of a bird!.."
"Got any nails?"
"Got any bread?"

To alot of people that might sound shyt. It might just be my sense of humour


havin_a_laff said...

Can't help with your bankroll - but the joke cracked me up. keep em coming and I will see what I can do. merry xmas.

calling station said...

grinders joke