Saturday, 27 December 2008

I'm a Yo-Yo now....

Up and down. Went from "Super hot" to "Super tilt" if thats the right terminology on Sharkscope. Had a cracking Xmas though with a few winners on the geegee's including Pressgang who did some of the most erratic jumping I've seen in a while and still won. Won my previous p1ssed up losses back and proceeded to give most of it back again on Xmas night but not to worry I know I will get there.
Going to wind the year down playing small MTT's and freerolls I think as I am happy enough with the profit for the year and am not exactly on fire at the moment :(.
Xmas Day was a laugh with working half day, the Mother-in-Law here for the night (just kept pouring Babycham's down her neck till she went to sleep), and the youngest had a great day.
On a funny (daft) point my middle lad had had a 3rd tattoo with "In God we trust" on the back of his neck (under the collar line thank fuck) and didn't know it was the national motto of the States. WTF do these kids do with their brains. He probably tossed his out of his bellend a few years ago but he had the piss taken out of him mercilessly.
Probably makes us sound like a right bunch of pikey's but when your lad asks his Mom for £40 for a pair of jeans and comes back inked up there's not a fat lot you can do ffs.
Thats enough for now as the taxi should be here in a minute to take my liver out for more punishment.
Hope you all had a good one
7 Englishmen and an Irishmen in a rape lineup. The victim walks in and Paddy steps forward and shouts "That's her the grumpy bitch!!"


Helraiser said...

Hi gav
i have been eating drinking like theres no tomorrow over the last three days, feeling pretty shit truth be told. Wasnt gong to play over christmas but im going to play in these christmas freebies on hills. Your lads tattoo "in god we trust" a fine mini album by the dead kennedys but i guess e wasnt thinkng about that when he had it done!!

Gavin said...

Hi Helraiser,

Going for 1 more decent drink today (afternoon out, evening in playing pokerage) and then calling it quits as back on shift over the New Year.
I don't think my lad was thinking full stop.
I love him dearly and he has alot about him personality wise but I hope that a chat Xmas Day means that he will call it quits until he is a few years older and is then able to make informed decisions.
Defo my Son as my Dad pointed out as I did the same at his age but I hope he appreciates that I regret some of the decisions I made :).
Gl mate