Thursday, 11 December 2008

Not learning a fat lot….

Things aren’t going so well on the poker front at the moment.
I seem to have a good start and then either make daft errors or get rivered.
I could do with playing the Crimbo value tournaments and if things stay the same I might force myself to have a break in January unless my fortunes turn around (A couple of wins or decent cashes always recharge the batteries). This run has coincided with me starting a part time degree course as I have assignments to hand in and am pushed for time (having not been in education for 25 years its a bit of a culture shock) but this might just be a shyt excuse for piss poor play.

I won’t give up playing poker as I enjoy it and with the stakes I play it is a good night and I am never going to go broke. Have read a few blogs by people who are struggling with their demons and it gives you a reality check about the little problems with consistency that are gnawing away at your mind.

Am £60 down for the month (+ a couple of footie bets have gone west) at the moment and currently have a roll of £320 in Hills and $120 on Full Tilt so need to claw a little back to aim at pushing towards £500 for the New Year bankroll.

Would happily settle for a £100 payout in a tourney at the moment. I wonder if
ukgatsby does training videos. (Not the sort of him prancing around with his leotard on though).

That’s all for now. Good luck


Apologies for the lack of a joke this week but I have not got any that are suitable for posting.


Amatay said...

lol @ Gatsby in a leotard, arrgghhh the mind boggles. You should get yourself signed upto imo mate. Im a mod on there atm its a gd bunch and we are hopefully gonna get some leagues and other stuff going soon :-)

Gavin said...

I will have a look mate. Thanks for the tip :)

Hairy Gymnast said...

I think it's the bad months that make us better players.

It's easy when you're winning - and although you might be making mistakes, it's easy to gloss over them.
But a losing run does make you assess things.

It'll turn around.

Gavin said...

Cheers Hairy. Lets hope the turnaround starts with the Bloggerment :)

Ukgatsby said...

I hope the arrgghhh by Amatay was horror and not the sound of him shooting his muck

Either way i dont do Leotards :)
I dont do training either. The rare moments of inspiration and brilliance are too few to share

Plus way too many bad habits would be passed on.

Gavin said...

Cheers for that Gats. THe picture of amatay shooting his load over you is not one I wanted :0
Ta for that